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Looking for an accommodation in Istria?

Come to The Olive House.

You will find THE OLIVE HOUSE ISTRIA in the very end of a small village called Jakomici which counts only about 30 residents and where time stands still. Here you can find what apparently has been lost in the past.

The silence, broken only by typical noise of countryside, by farmers, by tractors plowing fields and by birds that might wake you up with their singing at the very first morning light. During the night the silence is just total. With the clear sky it’s impossible to stop counting stars when the moon shades her light on the whole valley, creating a fairytale atmosphere. Just a perfect and relaxing holiday, at The Olive House.

In The Olive House, the third floor has two recently renovated and fully refurbished apartments. Each apartment has a kitchen, a large living room with a huge sofa, two twin beds sleeping room and a bathroom with shower. Each apartment is suitable for 4-6 people and the price is €40 per day per person, including breakfast and dinner.

You can enjoy also other activities at The Olive House, biking, cycling, enduro driving (in cooperation with and many others!

We also stay 12 minutes driving from the sea, where you can board for our amazing boat trips!

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